I practice and teach many styles of yoga. As stated in my bio, I believe there is no one single way to always practice...whether it's your physical practice (asana), or on the cushion. Technique must vary to prevent one from getting in too deep a rut.

My Weekly Classes

Monday Level 2/3, 9:30-11:30a Dates vary, are pre-booked and these classes take place in my home studioPre-register and pre-pay.  Please contact me to register. Space is limited. The work will focus on fluid movement, sophisticated use of props, wall ropes and more advanced poses, in my home in Oakham, MA.
Wednesday Level 2 6-7:15p, Hatha Strong A strong hatha class that journies from simple to more complex asana.  It is moderate intensity, non-heated, and emphasizes longer holding of postures.  Pranayama and meditation are also included.  Props are utilized to deeply enhance, inform and support each asana.  This class is excellent for those looking to delve deeper into the specifics of asana.  Props to Caroline Pope Peavy for sharing this time slot with me!
Wednesday Level 2, 9:30-11a YinYasa   At Ebb 'n Flow Yoga in Northborough, MA this super fun weekly class offers my signature style of slow, deep, creative movement exploration.  We practice traditional asana shapes as well.  This delightful studio is stocked well with props, including a wall ropes system, and offers aerial yoga too! Drop ins welcome!    
Thursday All Levels 6:00-7:30 Monthly The Prajna style, as established by Tias Little, offers a profound journey inward.  Starting with the idea that yoga is a pathway that begins in the outer layers of the body and mind and navigates inward to the mystical, subtle and rarely seen interior.  We'll combine meditative practice with the power and grace of asana training.  In a process that requires sensitivity and inner listening, we'll explore the sheaths of connective tissue, muscle and bone in order to bring about greater wakefulness, luminosity and space within.  Underlying this teaching is the intention that we do not do poses for the sake of the pose, but for the quality of attention within the pose.  Through yoga postures, dharma study, guided meditation, the yoga of sound, somatic awareness and breath work this is a practice that allows for unique, personal transformation.
Friday Level 2/3, 9:30-11:30a   Dates vary, are pre-booked and these classes take place in my home studioPre-register and pre-pay.  Please contact me to register. Space is limited. The work will focus on fluid movement, sophisticated use of props, wall ropes and more advanced poses, in my home in Oakham, MA.    

My classes always have a philosophical theme as the inspiration for movement. I offer Sanskrit chanting and a devotional component. As for the physical practice, I work slow and sequentially build a class that culminates in an asana that most people never thought they could do! Finally, I am well studied in classical Iyengar alignment and teach from the place where precision meets passion. I know from experience that the ability to tweak the position of a muscle or bone "just so" allows more space, thus growth and ultimately freedom in one's body, mind and heart.

Styles I Teach

  • Prajna Yoga
  • Sensory Awareness Training
  • Beginners
  • A static non-flowing style
  • Fun and challenging Vinyasa flow style
  • Traditional Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Therapeutics
  • Yoga Wall Rope System
  • Meditation
  • "YinYasa" (registered TradeMark)

Prajna Yoga The word Prajna in Sanskrit means insight, deep understanding or wisdom. "Pra" means first, "jna" means to know. It suggests an embodied wisdom, a primordial knowing, a knowing that permeates the nerve endings, the connective tissues and the blood cells throughout the body. The specific style of a Prajna yoga class varies, with dynamic yogic study, compassionate self-inquiry, and mindful “slow core” practice. In class we practice classical yoga poses, both active and restorative, sensory awareness training, chanting and meditation. There is a philosophical theme from the wisdom teachings woven thru the class and in this way all aspects of body, mind and spirit are exercised, relaxed and inspired. the Tuesday and the friday classes.

Sensory Awareness Training is based on Thomas Hanna's system of Somatics. All practice is done on the floor, mostly supine and some prone, with sliding, gliding, smooth, slow movements designed to heal and lubricate joints and sooth the nervous system. This practice is extremely healing for neurological disorders and for the effects of stress.

Therapeutic Yoga is mostly what I do in privates. I work one on one to heal a specific injury, chronic or acute. In a class format I incorporate skillful alignment, specific yoga asana technique, prop work and hands on adjustments specifically catered to the student and the situation. Sensory Training work is also utilized in classes and privates. This work allows each person to make the practice of yoga just right for them.

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga founded by Paulie Zink. It is a synthesis of traditional Indian Hatha Yoga and several disciplines from the Chinese Taoist tradition with yoga postures and variations that are intended to stimulate the meridians of Chinese medicine. The Taoist traditions of Yin yoga involves Tao Yin, Qigong, Kung fu, inner alchemy, philosophy, and mysticism. Postures are exclusively seated, prone or supine poses held passively for 3-10 minutes each bringing blood, oxygen and hydration to the joints for better flow of energy (prana, chi). This is an amazing balance to the predominately available yang practices and a very potent practice for flexibility and ease in the body.

YinYasa The word Vinyasa means to place or arrange. Yin is the quality of slow, cool, and calm. The playful and poetic swapping of "Yin" for "Vin" implies that the nature of these Vinyasa classes are slow and purposeful. The asana work is deliberate, methodical and slowly builds into a peak pose or to open a specific body part. There is good focus on healthy alignment while weaving in the wisdom of the yoga philosophy, also keeping it light and playful all while working hard. A perfect Hatha Yoga experience, light and intense, effort and yield, soft and hard, yin and yang, work and play!

Wall Rope Classes:

Also known as "yoga karunta", karunta meaning "puppet" as practitioners are literally suspended like a puppet is from strings. This approach to yoga asana utilizes ropes or yoga straps hung from a wall at various levels and lengths that the practitioner then suspends from in different poses. There is a tractioning effect on the spine and joints, thus stretching the muscles and effecting the nervous system in a very calming way. It is a totally supportive and unique method of practice. The relaxing and lengthening effect it has on the body and nervous system is felt for days. Contact me to arrange one on one wall rope instruction.

Private Classes:

I also work privately with people who are trying to heal an injury, persons living with disease, people wanting special attention or want to go deeper into their practice, have a very advanced practice, or just don't want to do to a group class! I do group privates as well.


Check my "Events" page for information on where I'm doing workshops! I've been traveling a lot more lately, taking my offerings on the road. I'd love to come to your city and practice with you.

If you want to book something, email or call me, 402-707-3407.